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ANOTHER SURVEY (stolen from carly ^_~ )

I AM: a strange person
I KNOW: i'm insane
I WANT: DVDS!! plus altoids!
I HAVE: pochacco stuff
I WISH: i was done with the stupid tiny tours
I HATE: retards and bastards
I FEAR: some stuff
I HEAR: music..
I REGRET: having a short fuse
I ALWAYS: go online
I DANCE: to nothing
I SING: alone in my room
I CRY: over "stupid stuff" like when haku died... sniff sniff
I DO NOT ALWAYS: forgive
I FIGHT: with myself
I LISTEN: to my conscience
I WRITE: in journals
I LOSE: many things
I CAN BE USUALLY FOUND: On the computer in my room
I AM HAPPY: no really.. sam is being mean..torturer.. *grumble*
I SHOULD: steal all the sour altoids in sam's house, gilbert's house, and lydia's house

Describing myself: Can't

[Jewelry worn daily]: necklaces, mood ring
[CD in stereo right now]: nothing
[Piercings]: none
[Hair]: dark dark dark dark DARK DARK brown
[What you are wearing now]: jeans, fuzzy wuzzy, blue t-shirt, socks
[In my mouth]: Air
[In my head]: a brain
[Wishing]: Altoids and dvds and a ticket for LOTR
[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]: NO school.. siblings coming back
[Do you believe in love]: Yesh
[Do you believe in love at first sight]: sorta
[Do you believe in forgiveness]: It depends
[What's something you wish you could understand better?]: people

In the past three days have you:

01. Cried: yesh.. parents make u feel too guilty.. -_-
02. Bought something: nope
03. Gotten sick: nope
04. Sang: nope
05. Eaten: Yesh
06. Been kissed: No
07. Felt stupid: I always feel stupid.
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: Nope
09. Met someone new: Nope
10. Had sex: Nope
11. Talked to someone you have a crush on: Nope
12. Had a serious talk: ...with parents? no.. with friends? no.. with lj? yesh
13. Missed someone: my sister and bro and old friends
14. Hugged someone: nope.. but i hugged my pillow ^^;;
15. Fought with your parent: not really fought.. more like listened to thier lectures..
16. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: yah.. sniff sniff.. amiboshi..

01. Have you known the longest: my family..
02. Do you argue with the most with: My parents
03. Who do you get along with: my friends
04. Is the trustworthiest: hm.. thats hard..
05. Makes you laugh the most: most lydia the laughing bug..otherwise everyone
06. Makes you smile the most: um.. same people
07. Has been there through all the hard times: ..?
08. Has the coolest parent(s): uh.. iono
09. Has the coolest siblings:uh.. iono
10. Is the smartest: Aditi or Jillian or Colleen

that wasn't that great.. it was alrite.. anyway back to my boredom.. hopefully it won't reach as high as my other boredom..


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