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yeah.. CCC.. was basically.. kinda boring.. there were a lot of seniors (duh!) and juniors.. yeah.. and me and travis only got to play majong once.. sigh.. oh well..

nothing really to say.. even if i did rant about girl stuff it'll be really weird cuz guys could read it too.. lol.. oh well..

found out that brittany reads one piece ^^ she has this kool one piece pencil box.. i envy..

i got yelled at by Leah cuz she's like put the boat on ur shoulders!! well, I"M SORI OK?! geez.. it like DIGS into ur shoulder and hella hurts... sigh.. bad thing to get on her bad side.. phooey.. i managed to learn how to do full slide on the boat.. land training is so different from water training.. sigh.. but yeah.. i'm weak.. -_- at least i didn't get like 4 blisters on my hands like kelly polmeroy..

that was about it...


(that looks really weird..)
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