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:x: name = uh.. Angela.. </p> :x: piercings = none!! (my mom wants me to pierce my ears though.. sometime in my life) </p> :x: tattoos = none </p> :x: height= 5ft something </p> :x: shoe size = uh.. i forget.. </p> :x: hair color = dark dark dark brown </p> :x: siblings = 2 bros and 1 sis </p> LAST... </p> :x: movie you rented = cowboy bebop from maye!! </p> :x: movie you bought = uh.. the godfather </p> :x: song you listened to = uhh... </p> :x: song that was stuck in your head = uh... </p> :x: cd you bought = yahoo dsl connection ^^ unless ur talking about other stuff, then its sims!! </p> :x: cd you listened to = burned cd with alot of chinese music </p> :x: person you've called = Cecilie for hw </p> :x: person that's called you = melinda/jonathan.. it was three way </p> :x: tv show you've watched = ?! THATS HARD!! i havent watched tv for months *cries* </p> :x: person you were thinking of = taylor wong </p> DO... </p> :x: you have a crush on someone = maybe </p> :x: you wish you could live somewhere else = maybe back in my old house... </p> :x: you think about suicide = ..when i was younger.. yesh i mean that </p> :x: others find you attractive = uh.. i guess..if ur including that BASTARD at camp... </p> :x: you want more piercings = no.. its scary.. just the thought of it.. </p> :x: you like cleaning = NO </p> :x: you like roller coasters = NO </p> :x: you write in cursive or print = print </p> FOR OR AGAINST... </p> :x: long distance relationships = against </p> :x: using someone = against </p> :x: suicide = ...against.. </p> :x: killing people = against.. </p> :x: teenage smoking = how many more times do i have to say against? </p> :x: driving drunk =apparently more... </p> :x: gay/lesbian relationships = ..i don't care.. </p> :x: soap operas =..what does that have to do with this? </p> HAVE YOU... </p> :x: ever cried over a girl = yah.. </p> :x: ever cried over a boy = yah.. sniff sniff.. AMIBOSHI!! HOW COULD U DIE!! or actually "die" </p> :x: ever lied to someone = duh.. </p> :x: ever been in a fist fight = nope </p> :x: ever been arrested = psh.. no freking way! my life would be ruined if i did </p> WHAT... </p> :x: shampoo do you use = pantene pro-v (is that how u spell it?) </p> :x: shoes do you wear = don't remember.. </p> :x: are you scared of = failing </p> NUMBER... </p> :x: of times I have been in love? = 3 </p> :x: of times I have had my heart broken? = never </p> :x: of hearts I have broken? = 2.. and that was that bastard at camp and that bastard in 1st grade..</p> :x: of girls I've slept with? = ... </p> :x: of boys I've slept with? = ... </p> :x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my secrets? 1 and thats my advisor/counselor </p> :x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = none, i dont' stand out.. i'm with the shadows </p> :x: of scars on my body? = um.. forget.. </p> :x: of things in my past that I regret? = the list goes on.. i have a very big guilty/regret conscience.. </p> DO YOU THINK YOU ARE... </p> :x: pretty - ... </p> :x: funny - ... </p> :x: hot - ... </p> :x: friendly - yah.. </p> :x: amusing - ... </p> :x: loveable - ... </p> :x: caring - um.. sure.. </p> :x: sweet - ... </p> :x: dorky - ... favorite: 5 letter word: bloom (actually no, i was just trying to think of something) </p> actor/actress: Orlando Bloom/Jonny Depp/what's his name?/what's his name again? </p> Candy: GUMMIES AND ALTIODS AND LOTS MORE </p> Cartoon: Calvin and Hobbes </p> Cereal: Lucky Charms </p> Chewing gum: Bubblicious </p> Color(s): green, blue, orange, black (they aren't in order) </p> Color nail polish: uh.. iono... </p> Day of week: Any day were there is no school </p> east fave day: Thrusday </p> Flower: um..iono </p> Jello flavor: cherry.. </p> Special skills/talents: crafts, art, chatting online ^^ </p> Summer/Winter: SUMMER!! NO SCHOOL!!! </p> Trampolines or swimming pools: pools.. trampolines.. haven't been on them for 8 years.. </p> || Person who last.. || </p> Slept in your bed: me </p> Saw you cry: me </p> Made you cry: everyone in that chatroom discussing the suicidies.. but what eliot kept saying just broke the final straw.. You went to the movies with: camp people </p> Yelled at you: my mom.. </p> Sent you an email: friends |</p> || Have you ever.. || </p> Said "I love you" and meant it?: no </p> Gone out in public in your pajamas: no </p> Kept a secret from everyone:yep </p> Cried during a movie: inside a movie theatre? no.. outside? PLENTY </p> Ever at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff: no </p> Planned your week based on the TV Guide: no </p> Been on stage: yep </p> Been to New York: All the time, going 4 winter break. </p> Been to California: ummm Duh! </p> Hawaii: sometime this summer!! or winter break.. i forget.. YAY </p> Japan: nope </p> Canada: nope </p> Europe: nope </p> Asia: yah.. taiwan but that was like 8 years ago </p> South America: nope </p> Australia: noep </p> Wished you were the opposite sex: nope </p> What time is it now?: 11:31 pm </p> Apples or bananas?: Apples </p> Blue or red?: Blue </p> Walmart or target?: Walmart </p> Spring or Fall?: Fall </p> What are you gonna do after you finish this?: Shower or chat.. its getting late </p> What was the last FOOD you ate: dinner </p> High school or college?:College </p> Are you bored?: no, i can't.. i'm busy infecting people with the neopets addiction </p> Last noise you heard?: my LOUD keyboard </p> Last smell you sniffed?: don't remember </p> Last time you went out of state/province?: LOOOOONG TIME AGO </p> || Friendship/Love || </p> Do you believe in love at first sight?: yah </p> Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: the most 4 </p> Most important thing to you in a friendship is: iono.. plenty of stuff </p> || Other Info || </p> Criminal record?: no. </p> Do you speak any other languages?: chinese. japanese </p> Last book you read: Prey ^^ it was good! </p> Name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: my pillow, my blanket, the homey feel </p> Thing you dislike about yourself the most: the list is too long </p> Worst feeling in the world: guilt </p> Who you love: family and friends </p> Who you miss: the past </p> || You || </p> Nickname(s): Bountiful Fruit Goddess, Angie, </p> Initials: ACH </p> How old do you look?: 14 or 15 apparently.. well according to the people at camp </p> How old do you act?: like a spoiled brat sometimes.. </p> Glasses/Contacts: contacts </p> Braces: gonna get them sometime next year </p> Do you have any pets?: used to.. sigh..well i guess the fish downstairs count.. but like one dies everyday.. </p> You get embarrassed: yeah.. like the time when i turned on carly's lights out cube in hakim's class.. heh heh.. oops ^^;; What makes you happy?: my friends </p> What upsets you?: me cuz i get me in trouble.. and then lectures come ugh.. and then guilty conscience comes.. other than that, bastards.. i despies bastards.. and u don't want to be on my bastard list.. (yesh i have a bastard list) </p> || Finish the sentence: || </p> I Love to... sleep </p> I Miss... my past</p> I Wish... I was a better person </p> I Hope... I won't be a failure compared to my siblings </p> I'm Annoyed by... bastards all around me.. </p> I Am... a strange lil girl or the Guardian Angel </p> I Want to Be.. an artist or something to do with webpage/art </p> I Would Never... suicide </p> I'd Rather... mope in a lil corner.. for the rest of my life </p> I Am Tired of... so many things.. too many to say.. </p> I Will Always be... the strange lil girl or the Guardian Angel</p> wow.. that was long.. well time to sleep and shower before my parents get home.. -_- then i'll get my head chopped off.. ugh..</p>
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